What We Do

1 Landscape Design

Landscape Design

From a low cost simple sketch helping to facilitate the first phase of a project, to a detailed set of drawings and elevations to bring big dreams to life, we are here to help.  Devonshire Landscapes can help you create a design that will maximize the potential of your property through the use of retaining walls and decks to capture unused space, fences and hedges to create relaxing and private spaces, lawns and patios to entertain and play on, and of course, a pleasing and low maintenance selection of plantings (perhaps enhanced with irrigation and low-voltage lighting) to enjoy year round.  We will advise on the most appropriate materials to use, specific to your site and tastes.

2 Installation

Landscape Installation

Our full-time employees are skilled craftsmen, adept at translating either hand-waved directions or detailed designs into beautifully constructed landscapes that will retain their value and appeal for years to come. Courteous and hard-working, they respect your property during the project, and leave it cleaner than they found it at the end.  Rick will be your sole contact, and will manage the installation of your project closely to ensure you get the finished product you want. Take a look at our portfolio of work here on our website as well as our Facebook page to see examples of their top-notch work.

3 Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

We offer complete landscape maintenance programs specifically tailored to meet the needs of our ideal clients; West Seattle, Burien, and Normandy Park home owners, businesses, and multi-family properties. We feel we offer the best balance of QUALITY RELIABLE SERVICE, customer service, and price. Our crew leaders have been with the company for 2-8 years and speak English, if you happen to have any questions or requests during your service visits. Dan works closely with his crews training them on best industry practices with a focus on sustainability and the environment, and providing guidance on seasonal tasks (i.e. when and how to prune what, fertilization application, irrigation adjustments, etc.) to make sure our maintenance customers get the most out of each service visit. We leave a door hanger after each service to let you know when we were there and what we did. Our contracts are customizable and offer our clients the flexibility to choose the balance of budget and service that works for them.

4 ECA Permit Sample

ECA / Permits

We have the knowledge, experience, and team to help homeowners make the most of their properties.  Designations such as Steep Slopes and Potential Slide areas come with regulations that must be followed to avoid not only fines, but catastrophe as well.  We can handle all the design, engineering, permitting, and installation of your project in-house.  We can also help with large retaining walls, slope stabilization, and native plant restoration projects.

5 Irrigation_Drainage

Irrigation / Drainage

We have a dedicated team and decades of experience to help you resolve any irrigation or exterior drainage issues.  We LOVE to upgrade outdated irrigation systems with new technologies like smart Wi-fi controllers that automatically reduce run time based on weather conditions AND forecasts.  We can replace old spray nozzles with efficient MP Rotator Nozzles or drip irrigation if mature plants are preventing proper coverage.  French drains, Rain Gardens, and Dry-wells are some of the ways we can help you manage stormwater from slopes and downspouts, and direct it away from the foundation of your home.